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Performance tests are a quality assurance modality that determines, among other things, the speed and load capacities offered by the systems, and for that are necessary  competitive tools as LoadRunner application testing software.

Google has published a couple of weeks ago that visits through mobile devices exceed those made from desk computers so any competitive company should prioritize its mobile strategy, ensure the quality of applications and webs has gone from being a differential element to become a requirement. The companies and independent professionals that offer this type of services are unlimited and there are numerous useful tools to carry out with success the tests of performance nevertheless we will focus on which we consider one of the best tools of the market, LoadRunner from Hewlett Packard EnterpriseIt is easy to use, comprehensive and affordable.


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Benefits for the business

As is logical, a tool is not everything, you need an expert to get the most out of it.Globe experts give you an accurate view of the performance of your platform through the use of HPE Loadrunner tool, so we can identify any issues to correct it before it affects system speed and therefore quality.

But in business it is not enough to deliver a quality service, the offer is superior to the demand and to be able to stand out among the competition it is necessary to offer customers added value, this is where the services of globe testing come into play. Provide an immediate return on investment through customized projects developed with the client. The team of specialists of Globe testing are experts certified in the tools of hpe this is a plus for all projects because they go straight to the essentials not only for their professional profile but because they are abreast of trends and technological innovation.

 Market tools comparison

In addition we gathered some interesting articles made about the tool: Comparison with Apache J Meter courtesy of the Senior qa engineer Atul Pant, comparing between HPE Loadrunner and Performance Center by Richard Bishop or the article available on the One Stop Testing portal.

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