Application monitoring


Do you know your system speed? Determine the performance and availability before they affect user experience.


Do you know whether your web, cloud or SaaS application boasts the promised performance level? Measure the behavior of your systems and take action.  


Obtain the visibility you might need, both from the inside and the outside of your firewall, with real user or dummy transactions, by monitoring your system.

Why monitoring your systems?


See the impact of incidences in your business. Discover the different elements that play a role in business processes, or the consequences of a change.

Shortened times

The average problem resolution times is a feared measure amongst operation teams. Thanks to constant monitoring, these times will be dramatically reduced.

Anticipate problems

Detect problems before your final users do. You will be able to check what a client was doing when a problem appeared, and to predict issues before they happen again. You will also be able to use the work made during the testing phase to deploy monitoring during production with a minimal investment of time and effort.

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The experts at Globe Testing will analyze your needs and your environment and they will offer you the best solution for the current and future conditions of your systems.

Trust Globe for monitoring your applications.

The investment in monitoring will give you peace of mind and the certainty that your platform will always work in the best possible conditions.

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