Why testing on wearables?

Nowadays we can access the Internet and use every kind of data and apps through watches, glasses, and other articles. Wearable tech is evolving fast, and most likely it will continue growing in the next decade.

Innovation is not anymore only a matter of technology: to stand out in the market, it is necessary to ensure functionality and usability on all devices.

Ensure that your app is ready for the global market

Detect issues before the users do

Globe has an international team of expert consultants to test your translations.

Expert consultants exactly where you need them the most

Do you need to know how your hardware synchronizes and connects, or want to test your new app functionalities? We give you the chance to test your technology in real conditions, because some things cannot be checked in a test lab. An app that works properly on a smartphone might not have good results on a watch or on glasses. In this new technological era, user interfaces require new testing concepts and models.  

How much does it cost?

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Large companies have already placed their trust in us