The functional testing service checks that the systems work according to the functional specifications and requisites of the client. This service assists you with the organization and detection of possible issues caused by programing errors.

The functional testing team at Globe Testing is focused on the behavior of the systems, as well as on theinput/output data in the testing environment.

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Compatibility Testing

We check the correct functioning of software developed on several platforms: hardware, operating systems, browsers, networks…
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Integration testing

We check that the connections and communications between the different software modules developed or from third parties (such as paying gateways, ad systems…).
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Regression testing

We check that the software works properly in case of evolving or functionality changes.
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Initially, most of the functional testing is carried out manually.

Every test in which the human tester adds no value must be automated.

Automated testing saves time in repeated procedures and increase their reliability, ruling out the possibility of human error.

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Amongst the basic tasks in any functional testing project carried out by Globe Testing is the analysis of functional documents and requisites of the client, the laying out of a testing plan, to cover all instances of use of the application, testing environment simulation, test cases, and issue management. Globe Testing carries out a comprehensive project management, from the beginning to the moment when the product it is ready for commercialization and production. Amongst the testing methods more used at Globe Testing are Agile Testing and cascade testing. This last method ist based on work in parallel with the development teams, dividing the task in three phases: planning, preparation, and execution. To give a vision, not only technical but also at a user level, makes the services of Globe Testing go beyond of just finding issues in the system. Often, we offer recommendations about usability and accessibility of the system under tests.

If your web doesn’t work properly, you will lose visitors, sales and the opportunity to win new customer.

Transform users in loyal customers who recommend your brand and improve your SEO positioning with our functional tests.

Have you tested on mobile devices too?

Mobile Testing Lab

Our mobile testing lab has all the resources to ensure that your app runs error-free on all mobile platforms.


In Globetesting we have a wide choice of devices, from state-of-the-art products to older, more limited devices that are still popular.

Guarantee of success

An app that has undergone functional testing following the 3M model is guaranteed to succeed after its launch onto the main app markets.

Globe Testing experts provide an added value through their experience as users of systems in different vertical sectors

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Why functional testing?

Cost Savings

To invest in functional testing is to improve the quality of the product and saving money for problem resolution later.

Risk reduction

The issues found and solved during the testing phase will save time and money, and will reduce risks.

Improve your image

Issues detected after a product is in the production phase has an impact in the business and the brand that could have been avoided with an early detection during the testing phase. Issues found during commercialization or production of a system are harmful for the image of the company, and can have consequences in future developments.

Trust Globe Testing for the definition, management, and execution of your functional testing.

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