The software performance testing service determines how fast does the system being tested perform a task under certain conditions. We will help you find bottlenecks in your app, before the users experiment a performance issues, with the subsequent economic loss and frustration of your clients and employees.

Globe Testing is focused in finding clear goals for each one of the performance tests we carry out, rather than just generating load in a system without a clear objective.

Performance tests

The goal is to determine whether the user will be satisfied with the speed of the app under the expected conditions for everyday use.
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Load testing

The goal of this test is to determine the throughput needed for the system to work at peak hour, when more users are expected.
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Capacity test

In this scenario, our consultants give an estimate of how much can the system be loaded before it is rendered unusable.
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Stress testing

In stress testing, the system is loaded until it is rendered unusable, and it is considered rather impractical.
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In the world of software testing, it is pretty common to hear the mistakenly used term “functionality testing”, in lieu of performance testing. The latter kind encompasses all the tests types previously mentioned.

In Globe Testing, we suggest improvements to optimize the system’s performance, in order to improve the response times of the application.


Successfully tested with our clients

The performance testing services that Globe Testing offers are based on our own methodology, and they are divided in four well-differenced phases:

  • Planning
  • Preparation
  • Execution
  • Closing

As indicated in the graph, each one of these phases contains a series of actions that have the goal of ensuring that the system tested will run at an acceptable speed for the users once production starts.

Performance tests are carried out by automated scripts that mimic the actions of a final user on the app. These scripts would be executed in parallel, each one of them emulating a “virtual user”, in order to anticipate the expected load on the system once it goes under production. During the testing, our consultants will monitor the system by checking performance indicators. This action is known as “system monitoring”. On the basis of these results, Globe Testing suggests improvements to optimize the system performance and cut down the response times of the app.

Globe Testing offers a comprehensive service of performance testing. However, given the nature of this kind of testing, it is of critical importance to work in a team with the rest of your resources (system administrators, developers, database managers, etc.). The consultants at Globe Testing will analyze the results of the tests and will instruct your staff about areas to be improved or potential problems. Moreover, they will be in charge of determining the types of tests to be carried out and their volume, amongst other things.

The experts at Globe Testing will indicate possible improvements or potential problems.

Why performance testing?


The night before production is usually full of restless and frantic hours, always marked by the uncertainty about how will the system behave once all users are working in the environment.


Performance testing has the goal of anticipating any problem that can appear during production phase. Performance testing gives you peace of mind, knowing that your system can take the expected load.

Risk reduction

Omitting performance tests will usually lead to economic losses, caused not only by the unavailability of the systems and its impact on production, but also by the impact of a bad service on the degree of satisfaction of the final user (who might be a client who will never trust your eCommerce again, or an employee who will complain about the low speeds of the SAP system).

Globe Testing will ensure that your systems can resist the expected load. Do not wait for your users to find the flaws, carry out the performance testing before the step to production.

Contact us, and one of our consultants will visit you to perform a first analysis of your testing or app department, and you will get a report and following steps without any obligations on your side.

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