The QA assessment serves our clients to get an expert vision from the outside of their position with respect to app lifecycle methodologies (ALM), in particular with regard to testing.

The most senior Globe Testing consultants carry out multiple interviews in the client’s office, and they synthesize the data collected in an executive report of the strenghts and weaknessses of the implemented system.

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Information gathering

Interviews with the different people involved in the development of the product. The questions asked are always related to the testing somehow.
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Integration testing

Testing Stratus Matrix (TSM) analyzes the development and production startup of the product, as well as all components, processes, tools, and environments.
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Next steps

On the basis of the TSM identified during the analysis phase, we will made proposals for the target TSM taken from Globe Testing experience with similar cases.
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The process is established through interviews with predefined agendas and scopes

Within a trust arrangement based on a confidenciality agreementent.

Globe analyzes your current situation in relation to testing and future challenges in the field of QA.

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How does it work?


We will start introducing Globe and the process to the participants of the Workshops. A clear global context ensures the success of the QA Assessment.


It is necessary to understand the general context of the company. How was it founded, how has it evolved with time, the goals it pursues, and the role of software quality in the company.


Every product is developed and refined with a clear goal for the business. To understand who the clients or users of the product are, and what does it offer, is essential to comprehend the contect and importance of testing in the organization.


Once we identify a product or a service withing a business context, we focus on understanding how is it created and delivered. This is the most important analysis point in the QA Assessment.


What happens once our product or service reaches our final users? At this point, we focus on understanding the procedures of follow-up and maintenance in the final production environment.

With the help of Globe Testing, QA Assessment assistants will discover innovative ways to improve an existing quality process,

... Thanks to Globe and HP LoadRunner software services we improve the performance of the platform

— CTO, Cajamar

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