Smart mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, are becoming part of our everyday lives.

Everyday, new apps appear, each one with a different functionality, and many of them are mobile versions of desktop websites. Globe Testing helps you validate all these devices.

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Device lab

We test manually the functionality of all your apps on the most common mobile devices, complying with the “3 Ms” rule

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Mobile automation

We assemble a series of case tests to be executed on several real devices, to cut down testing times.

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Performance ``back end``

Mobile apps interact with your backend differently. Globe carries out performance tests emulating the network conditions.

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Benefit from our mobile testing lab and pay for the devices you need.

Automatize on real devices, and not on emulators. In Globe we tell you how.

The variety of operating systems, as well as the pysical and technical characteristics currently present in the mobile market, make it essential to have a mobile testing lab before launching a new release of your app into the market.

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Do you want to know the REAL user experience in your app?

  • Discover how to visualize in real time how your clients use your app
  • Get the performance you need for your app on every device
  • Understand how and why does your app crash
  • Compare the performance improvements between versions
  • Monitoring your mobile app use on every device is essential for your success.

Why testing on mobile devices?

Users expect no less than a 5-star application

Due to the fragmentation of the market, it is almost impossible to guarantee proper functioning of a mobile app on every kind of terminal and OS. However, minimizing the risk of bad reviews is possible. It is possible as well to minimize acceptance times in stores for our apps, in particular in AppsStore. This time reduction cuts down waiting times and reprogrammings as well, reducing the costs alltogether.

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Say goodbye to bad app reviews and improve your quality now.

Contact us and discover how mobile app development does not have to be an additional complication: we will show you how..

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