Test that everything in the Internet of Things is working

As the world is becoming more connected, people expect things to work smoothly

From toothbrushes and thermostats to security systems, appliances, and other connected devices, the app ecosystem has conquered a world beyond computers, tablets, and smartphones.
With embedded sensors everywhere, the world is becoming more connected every day, and there are more and more devices, but users expect everything to run smoothly and don’t care why something has failed.

To guarantee that everything works well in the Internet of Things, the tests must be run in real circumstances

Apps are becoming more connected to the hardware via sensors. Therefore, old testing methods must be revised. It is impossible to recreate the real working conditions in a testing labs, so we have to carry out part of the testing outside, in real daily life situations, such as low connectivity conditions.

Companies working on ensuring a quality service will be the winners

Globe can guarantee that your devices and apps can face real situations keeping a quality service.


Software Testing in the real world

As sensors increasingly connect physical hardware with applications, old testing approaches must be revisited. It’s impossible to recreate the real life scenarios connected devices will face when you’re stuck in a lab,is about reporting data in real time, for example with the poor connectivity.

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