How test mobile payments

Welcome to the Mcommerce age, purchases through mobile devices are gaining ground, but not only in terms of online purchases, even for off-line purchases, that’s why leading mobile phone manufacturers have developed new methods of payment.

Any of these services, has yet to prove that offers the convenience, functionality and tools that consumers seek. But how can you secure all this? Exactly! Through quality testing


What does this method consist of?

In 2014 introduced Apple Pay, although its international deployment has been somewhat slow, In Europe its official launch was in July 2016 in France. Apple Pay reduces transactions to a simple contact between iPhone and POS, a procedure similar to contactless cards. Through the use of NFC technology, combined with Touch ID and Passbook, Apple makes available to the user a new form of trust transaction with which to avoid traditional payment methods. Apple Pay works with the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, Apple Watch, iPad mini 4, iPad Air 2, and both iPad Pro models. Samsung’s reaction did not wait, and last year before the Mobile world congress in Barcelona introduced its own Mobile Payment System, Samsung Pay. For its part google launched in 2016 Android Pay. Brands like these with a so defined positioning in the market has its good legion of defenders and detractors, we will not go to assess the pros and cons of each service, internet is full of opinions about it, we leave you a couple of links to title informative.

  1. Difference between Apple Pay and Samsung Pay
  2. How and where to use Apple pay
  3. Android Pay – What is it, how does it work and who supports it?


Why testing on mobile devices?

Things should be tested

  • Verification of the purchasing process
  • That the purchase is charged to the bank
  • The codes: take into account that they are usually differentiated by type of transaction, if it is chip and signature, chip and pin, Wireless, or if the card is forced to pass the band or manually enter the numbers (dude that is not The normal thing, nor the commercials usually allow).
  • Return of purchases

The testing process is very similar to that of any other online payment platform, or payment gateways and mobile testing devices also.

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