Globe Testing has assisted multiple companies to guarantee the quality and performance of their CRM systems.

Oracle Siebel provides several applications that have already become critical for business. Quality assurance in this front is no longer optional.

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Siebel Front-end

Siebel front-end is not easy to automatize, and manual tests are no longer feasible due to the high volume of data..
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Application and Gateway

The Siebel Application and Gateway server can not always be validated through front-end. In Globe Testing, we do the validation through headless scripting.
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Oracle database

The performance of a Siebel system depends mostly on its database. In Globe we assist you running performance tests on Oracle.
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In Oracle Siebel, traditional testing methods are not a feasible method of ensuring quality.

If a key system such as Oracle Siebel underperforms, employees using it will also underperform.

To test on Oracle Siebel does not only require a solid knowledge of the system (from an architectural point of view), but also of the business process. In Globe Testing we have years of experience with this kind of systems.

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Globe Testing has ample experience in Oracle Siebel testing in the largest implementations in Europe.

Contact us if you want to know how can we help you ensure the quality of your Oracle Siebel implementation.

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