Machine Learning in captation and retention of talent!


The Machine Learning application in people management is an opportunity to make the process of capturing and retaining talent increasingly efficient and effective.



In fact, the action of Artificial Intelligence (AI) does not only increase the likelihood of finding a candidate, but can also predict whether or not the candidate is prepared for the challenges the position presents.


This way, it can also contribute to a better candidate experience and possibly increase the success rate of talent retention.


And this is, without a doubt, the future of people management.


The result is not only an increasingly efficient selection process, but also the attraction of more skilled and more motivated professionals, since they are more likely to adapt to the functions they are expected to perform.


Quality Data:

essential requirements.

To achieve these goals, the raw material in the development of Machine Learning will be the collection, registration and analysis of accurate information (on rotation, employee satisfaction, feedback processes, etc).


Once the data sources are established, it will be necessary to  debug in order to discard repeated, inconsistent or outdated data.


The advantage is that it provides adequate data for better decision making, as well as for process automatization in those who, until now, employed human resources and materials that can be channeled for other tasks.


There are already many companies that optimize their production cycles from the analyzed information and interpreted through Machine Learning systems, favoring innovation and the search for new solutions through the correct interpretation of data.