REBIS certified consultants enables you to run your business more simply by helping you identify, build, implement, support, and run the SAP solutions that best fit your needs.

REBIS becomes SAP Silver Partner

Trust. Consistency. Security.

Since the foundation of REBIS in 2014 in Lisbon, plenty of water has flown down the Tejo river. During that time the overriding principle for REBIS was and still is to continually improve.

This year, our expertise was rewarded with the SAP Silver Partner Status.

Rebis is a SAP Silver Partner

The effective and close partnership between REBIS and SAP was thus again reaffirmed and consolidated.

About the partnership

With SAP Silver Partner status, SAP gives customers the security of having a qualified partner from the SAP partner network at their side. Rebis was able to successfully fulfill all necessary requirements, such as qualifying employees as solution consultants for SAP Products (SAP Analytics, Cloud, Business Intelligence, HANA), and demonstrating all necessary quality standards. The process, which must be carried out annually, gives customers the assurance that they will receive the best possible care in the long term.

At Rebis we are State-of-the-art Solutions / Analytics Experts with a vast experience and extended knowledge in SAP Products (SAP Analytics, Cloud, Business Intelligence, HANA), tools, projects, procedures and methodologies.

Our company started in 2014 from the joint venture of two business intelligence companies, and currently works with multiple clients in Telecommunications, Insurance, Pharmacy, Industry, Aviation, Retail and Government providing support to many other consultancy companies too.

Check our page in Sap Partner Finder: Rebis Consulting

REBIS has conquered SAP Recognized Expertise in Analytics

REBIS becomes the first company in Portugal to be awarded a SAP® Recognized Expertise designation in Business Intelligence. The designation was granted based on the company’s demonstrated expertise and skills in Business Intelligence and the successful completion of SAP Recognized Expertise requirements in the SAP® PartnerEdge® program.

SAP Recognized Expertise is a designation awarded to partner organizations by SAP for their demonstrated excellence in specific solutions or industries to help them stand out in the market. This designation also helps customers better understand an SAP partner’s key areas of expertise.

As an SAP Partner, REBIS can provide valuable solutions and SAP products like SAP Analytics, Cloud, Business Intelligence, HANA, among others, helping SAP customers design, implement and integrate and optimize business processes; and provide strategic business consultation.

The SAP Recognized Expertise designation requirements include meeting competency criteria for trained and certified individuals and a successful project resume in the focus area or industry in addition to a track record of customer success and satisfaction. resources and benefits that partners need to deliver the solutions and services customer’s demand.

REBIS is a partner in the SAP PartnerEdge® program. As such, it has access to tools, training, resources and benefits that partners need to deliver the solutions and services customers’ demand.


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