Strategy, design, counselling and architecture.



  • Upkeep techniques, including instance management, life cycle management, version management and others

  • Avoidance and correction of performance draining elements

  • Backup policy definition

  • Disaster recovery best practices

  • High-performance sizing and server discrimination techniques

  • High-availability, fast-recovery architecture design

  • Optimal physical architecture design (in all environments)


Organizations that do not define a robust plan and prioritize their decisions accordingly when implementing their bi project, run the risk of incurring excessive costs and not meeting the end customers’ expectations – forever losing traction in those all-important decision-making processes.

Knowing what decisions to take and in what order will help you deliver on the promise of a decision-based company, optimizing your resources and ensuring maximum satisfaction in the shortest time possible, providing sound project advice.

As a SAP partner, with certified and experienced consultants and analysts, we are totally aligned with the most recent sap technology best practices and trends, and our track record in multiple bi projects and industries help to ensure your success.

Our advisory practice will provide your company with a clear roadmap for your bi projects. this will help you understand what actions to take and prioritize in the most efficient way, providing justification for the right measure at the right time.

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