How to use LinkedIn in business and its potential?


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, with over 690 million people connected.

This means the ability to connect with people who, unlike other social networks, are in a professional mindset.


According to Hubspot, LinkedIn is 277% more effective in generating leads than Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn is also a tool increasingly used for recruitment by companies that need to identify and attract talent.


However, despite all the advantages of this social network, there is still some resistance to its use. Partly because of the lack of knowledge of how the network operates (LinkedIn is not as intuitive as other social networks) and partly because one does not know how to position oneself on it.


I’ll share with you two essential principles to start using LinkedIn, even if I have been a tourist on this social network until today.



Dedicating some time to complete your LinkedIn profile is an investment that will bear fruit in the future. I leave you some recommendations to optimize four fields of the profile that, in my understanding, deserve special attention:



Must be a current, professional-looking, and good resolution. If possible, use the services of a professional photographer.


Cover image (banner)

You can take the opportunity to insert your company’s logo to disclose it in your profile.




You can use about 220 characters to write the title, in which you can enter your current position, but not only. Also, explore your industry and main professional skills to have a more appealing title.



About (old summary)

It is advisable to use the first person, after all, it is a personal profile. In this field, you should describe your professional path, talk about your results, and also present your company, if you wish. It is important to leave a contact at the end of the abstract because not everyone who visits your profile will access the contact field.


Then you just have to fill the other fields of the profile, so that it is complete and wins the All-Star profile rating, which will make it have more views.



In LinkedIn, it is possible to find strategic connections, according to the nature of each business, and from there build relationships that can be beneficial to the business.

LinkedIn networking is based on the same principles as face-to-face networking. That is, it aims to establish a network of contacts between professionals with common interests through the sharing of information and services.


This type of networking does not exclude the human need for face-to-face contact; on the contrary, it amplifies and enhances the results. How and where to do LinkedIn Networking? For example, at the end of networking meetings, ask participants to connect to keep in touch.


LinkedIn’s private messages

An excellent alternative to email for starting new professional relationships. The great advantage is the immediacy of the answer, however, we have to take care in the approach that should be as personalized as possible.


Courses, fairs, and seminars

When participating in these types of events, take advantage of the coffee break to meet new people and ask for a connection on Linkedin. Thus, the chances of keeping in touch after the event increase.

By combining profile optimization with good use of LinkedIn networking, you will increase the chances of getting business opportunities in this professional network.


How about allocating some time on your agenda to put these principles into practice?