AWESOME” is an English adjective that our foreign partners use often during our international meetings. We answer with the corresponding ¡Impresionante!, ¡Genial!, ¡Estupendo!, so that they learn a bit of Spanish and all our faces light up with a big smile and a sense of a job well done.

In the last months several lists curated by experts are appearing in Github, dealing with technologies we use on a daily basis, including great quality resources and frequently updated. They are a great starting point to learn basic concepts, but also to enjoy of entertaining readings, and even discovering articles about curiosities, what I personally love.

And that is the point of this article, introducing you this new seal of quality, that identifies the best compilations of technical resources, perfectly qualified as “AWESOME

The parent repository, that you should save as a treasure, may be found here:

More specifically, I want to highlight those entries that could be more useful for our work in mobility:

If you want to compile your own “AWESOME” list and gain the the corresponding seal of quality, you need to follow the rules displayed in the awesome manifesto.

As always, depends on ourselves to dedicate some of our spare time to our professional growth. Our profession requires a constant effort, and to reinvent ourselves every so often, so that we become AWESOME PEOPLE !!!

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