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We analyze, design, develop and integrate highly efficient mobile solutions that solve problems.

Mobile Consulting and Strategy

– We make you mobile –

In Solid Gear, we love mobile technologies and all we can do with them.

We see mobile technologies as a way to change working methods and todays’ society life style.

We strongly believe that mobile solutions can speed up your business productivity and help you to differentiate your businesses and products from your competitors.

At SG we love mobile technologies and what can be built with them.

Solid Gear delivers a mobile transformation for your business and your products.

Our mobile consultants are expert partners in identifying the opportunities for mobile across your organization and/or products by using mobile technologies based on growth opportunities such as revenue generation, profitability and brand enhancement.

The result is a streamlined mobile strategy that maximizes business benefit and user adoption. To achieve this result we follow a proved step-wise approach:

  • Mobile consulting –identifying needs and opportunities–
  • MVP definition –we validate your product–
  • UIX –user-centred solutions–
  • Apps Development and QA
  • Deployment and Maintenance

Mobile strategy solidgear
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SW development

– Full stack solutions –

As much as we love mobile apps, we know standalone apps are unlikely to cover all your needs and are not sufficient to achieve business transformation.

Therefore, we offer SW full-stack development services that seamless complement the mobile apps.

Our multidisciplinary and highly-skilled developers can help you to develop back-end and front-end solutions while taking care of their integration with other complex IT systems.

And needless to say that developers will always take into account the user’s experience, maintainability, and any other business driver.

Should you need it, we deal with the process from start to finish.

Software development
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Development teams

– Offshoring –

We offer end-to-end solutions but perhaps you don’t need the full package.

Should you have already the product roadmap but somehow you lack of expertise or lack of development power to technology, we can help you by setting up a dedicated, multidisciplinary, innovative and highly motivated team.

We work to build an effective and close relationship with you.

In our opinion, offshoring is only possible when all parties work in close partnership.

We know communication is essential but not less than analysing each product and providing the product with all it needs, challenging and suggesting different alternatives if results can be improved.

Despite the full independence of our teams, they will communicate with yours to the full.

We further empower you for development and deliver a deep technology know-how. We can extend your business scope and communicate openly and on your behalf with your end customers.

We use agile methodologies and we are able to adapt totally to the way you work.

The relationships we build are based on trust and communication, ensuring temporal overlap with your teams and making things simpler.

Before having an offshore team and/or hiring, there are decisions to make. What we have in mind for you is a productive team to help you with keeping costs under control.

That’s just what we offer and we make sure of that by creating our own way to do things and making offshore a successful experience.

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