Why QA matters?

If you have a look at previous blog entries, you may notice that at Solid GEAR QA matters. My colleagues have posted from our DoD  (Definition of Done) to several technicals entries such as: Automating Test Cases thanks to Selenium IDE  orAutomating Test Cases on iOS among others.

Have we stopped and thought why QA is so important for us?  For us QA is much more than ensures that the product that we develop and release to our clients don´t have any bug and meet their expectations, it is also about continuos integrations and automating tests, it is about knowing perfectly the product and suggesting ideas of improvement.

Once we locate defects, we fix them at the very beginning rather than once the product is released and the defect found by the end user; it means we can easily pinpoint the bugs and rethink our design besides our core what we want to highligh is that QA is at the top of all the development process.

Thanks to the QA team, everytime we release a new version, we are pretty sure that it will work just as expected; as one of our Product Owner says: “One bug found in-house means fourdfold saving”.

How do you ensure the quality?

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