Version control, no doubt!

If you have followed our blog or have visited other sections of the website, you may notice that we are big fans of version control tools. We don´t understand the software development without it, do you know why?

Let’s point out some of its advantages.

  • TeamWork, it is so easy to work several people; no matter if you are working on the same feature or in different ones. Pull requests and code reviews are done so easily, without any extra effort. You may check the changes done and suggest improvements, if needed.
  • Security, you will always have access to your code!
  • Remote access, no matter whether you are using your job laptop or not, you will have access to the code.
  • Do you need to revert back to a previous version? No problem, it´s possible to review the changes, revert them…
  • Versioning,  sometimes, it is needed to check something on a previous version. Related to this the branching strategy is followed seamesslly, we´ll talk in another post about this.
  • QA, it makes easier the job, we know at a first sight, what changes have been done in a feature. If a bug appeared on a regression test, it would be possible for us to know when it has been included, among other features.

Additionally, there are several plugins that you may join in order to improve your daily job.

Do you want to know more about version control? Just ask us!

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