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The last CAS (Conference Agile Spain) edition, one of the most important Agile events at a national level,  took place on December 3 and 4 in Madrid. And as it should be, Solid GEAR was there to have a first-hand experience about the situation of current Agile outlook.

CAS Schedule

The event lasted 2 days, and it held talks and workshops gathered in 5 main subjects called tracks:

  • Developing people
  • Software improvement
  • Creating teams
  • Delivering a product
  • Transforming companies

These talks were chosen among nearly a hundred of proposals, including ours, which, after a tough selection process, were set aside in the last filter.

Hope next year we will be there as a ponent.

SolidGEAR Team


Things we highlight about this year’s event:

  • The quantity and quality of the talks focused on improving agile development teams making emphasis on people as such and not as resources. Concepts like Belbin’s team roles, ringelmann effect, or non violent communication were crucial throughout the event.
  • Being able to share real experiences with people who have applied agile methodologies in very different field and situations. Both in the conferences and in the common area during the breaks. We took back really interesting discussions about agile establishment in enterprises at a structural level, agile forming for the new generations (and no so news), or continuous integration systems in high demanding environments.
  • Speakers’ ability to make you think, always trying to look beyond and find the motivations and needs over tools and methodologies. There were workshops that leave us a mark about how to detect real needs of a person by designing his ideal event, or how to achieve a goal by putting ourselves in the shoes of a person that has already achieved this goal.

Design Thinking CAS

In conclusion, a really advisable experience, where we learnt a lot from people with such interesting experiences, and from where we came back with a lot of ideas in our pockets and eagerness to make them real.

Want to know which ones are we going to carry out?

Then stay tuned to this blog

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