Solid Gear Basket Team

This blog entry is a little bit different than the others. Rather than focus on our technological pursuits, it focuses on the long and exciting road that the Solid Gear federated basket team has traveled for 15 exalted games.

Our journey began in the month of January, when we received information about the Adecco 3×3 league (click here or more information) being held nationwide. We presented the idea of joining to our respective bosses, and after a while our proposal became reality.

We are going to participate in a basket tournament!!!

There is no need to say that basketball is a sport with a main pillar of teamwork. We, as Solid Gear workers, are accustomed to working together on different projects, but the question everyone had in mind was whether we could function as a team in a sport—outside the corporate world in which we are immersed everyday.

To answer our question, we decided to start training one day a week before the start of the league to see how we would do. The first day of training, our euphoria clearly exceeded what was a real sports-physical-strategical disaster, but we gradually improved each week leading up to the first official game.

The result at the end of our first season was a more than commendable second place, and it is noteworthy that we were one of the few mixed teams in the championship. We have to congratulate all the teams, but especially the Michelin team that lost only one game and has moved on to the next stage as a more than worthy champion in Valladolid. Good luck, Michelin. See you next year!!

I would like to emphasize that—even more important than our very respectable standing—are the values we demonstrated as a team. We displayed exemplary respect to the referees, opponents, and teammates, commitment and solidarityto each other, and humility. We challenged ourselves to grow not just at a sports-level, but at a human level.

In my view, all our positive experiences resulted in a better understanding of our team, and an improved group atmosphere. Thank you to all the attendees who came to cheer us on, give us support, give us snacks, and yell. And thanks, also, to Solid Gear for their sponsorship and support.

I hope you enjoy the video Carlos Blanco gives us exclusively!!


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