QA Certifications. ISTQB and others.

QA (quality assurance) defines processes and technologies which are used to assure the quality of a software product. QA processes are today taking place in TIC world as others ones, and its validity as TIC process is approved by organizations and companies all around the world. Here starts the necessity of certifications

¿How do you QA become?

The most used is the own experience when you start to work as QA, but also exists the possibility of obtaining a QA certificate

Which kind of certifications do exist?

The most popular and valuated is the ISTQB (international software testing qualification board) given by the organization with same name. It was founded in 2002 to base the QA certifications.

ISTQB defines several kinds of certifications:

  • Foundation level: QA basics. It has no validity period.
  • Advanced level: At this level exist three specialities. Only can be achieved after the foundation level achievement. It has no validity period. Specialities are:
    • Test Manager
    • Analyst
    • Technical Analyst


  • Expert level: After obtaining the advanced level, can be achieved the expert level certificate. It has a validity of five years, after that it must be renewed. The specialities are the following with the advanced level speciality required:
    • Process improvement (Analyst)
    • Test management (Test Manager)

Besides of that, ISTQB has identified new necessities, for example “Agile Testing” or “Automated Testing” that can be included as foundation level extensions. There will be also new specialities for advanced and expert levels

Each country has its own ISTQB partnership (for example in Spain is SSTQB) which takes care about managing the language of the contents and other related tasks.

Further info in the official websites . ISTQB website is:

Another existing certifications are:

  • iQSI certifications: CAT (certified agile tester), QAMP (quality assurance management professional)…
  • TPAM certifications (test management approach)
  • CSQE (certified software quality engineer), ASQ (american society of quality)
  • CSTE  (Certified software tester)
  • CMST (Certified manager of software testing), CSTE higher level.

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