JSDayES 2016

The 29th and 30th of April JSDayEs 2016 was hold in Madrid and Solid Gear was there!

In this post, we talk about our impressions about it.

This year, Solid Gear has gone to one of the most important events on JavaScript in Spain, the JSDayES, an event that takes place every year in Madrid.

The event lasted two days. During the first one, attendees had the opportunity to attend a workshop about Angular2 (limited places) or round tables to discuss proposed issues by the attendees to the event.

The second day was entirely dedicated to professionals talks.

The organization and catering were great, the speakers were professionals with years of experience who answered to each of the questions from the attendees.

All the sponsors of the event had their time to present their companies and invite us to learn more about them in the stands that had placed on campus, so it was also a good opportunity to add contacts to our agendas.

About the talks and the event in general, it showed the high activity of the JavaScript community as well as the wide variety of solutions that exist in terms of frameworks and libraries.

A summary of the event would be that JavaScript goes through a period of good health with lots of options for developers.

About the author:

I am Fernando Ruiz Hernández, software engineer in Solid Gear.
If you want to contact or know more about me follow me on Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook.

Pro of the conference: To be in contact with javascript’s reference people at a national and international level. Learn a lot from people able to analyse and compare different programming paradigms, the underlying reason behind each existing framework and foresight the flow of the upcoming technological news..
Cons of the conference: Lack of variety in quantity and level of the speeches. It’s no useful being forced to hear a speech about the low level quirks of a framework that you have never used, and not having any alternative to spent your time in something that you are more interested in.


About the author:

I am Siro Ramírez, software engineer in Solid Gear and CoFounder of Namekian Team.
Currently working as fullstack MEAN developer and with mobile hybrid solutions. Enthusiastic about agile methodologies and video games development. More info about me in Linkedin.

The arguments for and against React, Angular 2 and Polymer have been the hot issue in the JSDayES of this year. Reusable components are in fashion in the frontend. As a result, we have been able to know interesting experiences about its use in different projects. Although some opinions were too biased, in general most people agreed that any of them was a good option to work with if the team uses it carefully.

There was also time for the backend, in which Node.js rules overwhelmingly. There were good advices on how to improve the security of web services and we got to know good libraries to be used with Express. Unfortunately, the length of some talks was too short and we would like them to be longer as they were interesting. Anyway the best process of learning is by practising on your own all the advices we received.


About the author:

I am Javier Rodríguez, software engineer in Solid Gear.
If you want to contact or know more about me follow me on Linkedin or Twitter.

I enjoyed the JSDayEs 2016 meeting in Madrid. I learnt many things and overall I got interesting readings to do.

One of the lectures was about not being Fashion Victims by Enrique Amodeo (@eamodeorubio). It was inspiring. He told us that we should be able to criticize, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each library and framework and see which one fits better with our project.

There was also a speech about ES6 o ES2015, given by Carlos Blé (@carlosble) , very interesting. He told us about the new methods and how it is possible to start using it with Babel, while all the browser start to support that. He gave us a good advice: Read more books!

Besides those, another interesting lecture was about security in node.js servers given by Jesús Pérez Rubio (@jesusprubio).

It could have been great to have different level tracks of lectures at the same time. Depend on your level, you would choose between them.

The meeting was very interesting to catch up with the new frameworks and library, and to see what will came next.


About the author:

I am Puri García Romeralo, software engineer in Solid Gear.
If you want to contact or know more about me follow me on Linkedin or Twitter.

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