Jenkins: Introduction

Jenkins is a tool that provides continuous integration (CI) services so, before talking about Jenkins we must start to talk about CI.
So…. what is CI? and most important… why do we want it? Let’s see.

Continuous Integration

One of the most important aspects of the software development is the software quality, not just in the final product but also in the process of the development. In order to detect failures early on we need a system that can build test and deploy our software a frequently as is possible. Jenkins is a tool that allows us to do that.

Jenkins, Continuous integration Tool

There are several tools for this. In Solid GEAR, we have chosen Jenkins. In the image below we see a view of the main page of Jenkins’ interface.

Jenkins Main

Here, we use this tool for several proposes, such as building the iOS or Android applications that are being developed within the company. Every time a developer updates the code, Jenkins builds the project with this change and if the task fails, warn the developer and the rest of team that something was wrong.

Another feature is the automatic execution of Unit Test created for each application and the Automatic Tests user level for both Web and Android applications. If any of these tests fail, as building applications, warn the team to take steps to correct the error.

In short, we have a powerful tool which we can ensure quality of the code to be checking through the project life cycle.

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