Integrate OwnCloud in your apps

Last Thursday, 20th Feb, ownCloud released the mobile libraries for iOS and Android under the MIT License. Integrating such libraries in your mobile app you will easily gain access to the files in an ownCloud server.

If you don’t know about the ownCloud project, let me just say that the best definition is its own name: “own cloud”. Why? ownCloud is a data sync solution allowing you access and share your files everywhere, with the additional advantage of being open source software that you can run by yourself wherever you want, keeping your data under your control.

At SolidGear we have been working in this project for almost two years. Now, with the library release, we share our experience in it with other developers, and hope that the ecosystem of mobile apps integrated with ownCloud grow exponentially.

Find out further information about the libraries at the ownCloud blog.

These libraries can be downloaded here:

The technical documentation may be found here:

For any developer related questions please post to the ownCloud developer list

Finally, let us encourage you to enjoy the ownCloud experience. First step, installation:

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