How to motivate workers?

The demotivation of workers is a one of the biggest problems that affects all the companies in all sectors, and this is a key factor that has a negative impact on the performance on the workers and their commitment.


Recently, I was in a motivational talk and commented that 3 out of 4 workers are not happy in their jobs, and that a happy and motivated worker yields, at least, 30% more than another worker who is not, so it is essential for the welfare of a company that workers are 100% motivated to perform their duties in the most efficient possible way. This is clearly a win-win situation where both workers and companies earn equal shares, and for this, it is necessary for the company to be aware and invest in its workers.


We, the workers of Solid Gear, feel really proud of our company, of how we carry it, of how things are done, but above all, of knowing that any worker has a personal and sincere voice and opinion to talk openly about the problems or improvements likely to be implemented.

Solid Gear is characterized for being a company, that although young, takes care of its workers like no other, since all of us are the most important piece.


Getting workers motivated seems like a difficult task, and in fact it is, but the imagination, commitment and feedback of all workers are very powerful weapons.


Do you want to know what we do at SG?

  1. Quarterly retrospectives

Retrospectives are part of Solid Gear’s DNA and with these, we want to encourage all workers to invest 1 hour of our time in improving the company. The technique used to get feedback from the workers is indifferent as long as different action points are taken out and the company tries to comply within the following quarter.

  1. Suggestion box

The suggestion box is a proposal that emerged from one of the quarterly retrospectives. We all agreed about enabling a place where workers can openly comment on issues that can be resolved in a short period of time.

  1. Team Building

The Team Building is an activity done every year that tries to make us live together for 1 weekend (Friday and Saturday).

The location, the weather, the place to sleep is not important, … what it really matters and what we pursue is to establish bonds with the workmates (by the way, you spend more time with them than in home) outside of the work environment.

For this, we always prepare a couple of group activities that we vary every year: escaping from a maze, go hiking, surffing, playing the grand prix of the summer, paintball,…



  1. Be close to the worker

Management people know that workers are the most important part of the company, and as they know it, taking care of them -in a psychological way- is an essential part.

Having a meeting with the workers from time to time improves the trust with managers, because they care about you and care about your interests and your life not only professional, but also personal.


  1. Family mediation

Every day more, companies are aware of the personal aspects of workers and know that granting family mediation is extremely important for workers. Why not trust them so that they can telework from home if they need it?


In conclusion, being able to make your workers happy is a difficult task and that may require some investment, both time and money, but in the long term, it is something beneficial both for the company and the workers.

Here at SG, we are all really really happy and in an amazing atmosphere, and also, proud to belong to a company that supports these pillars and encourages its workers to give their opinions on everything related to it.


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