Design cool animations for intro iOS app

Probably you have ask you why you should design cool animations. The next questions will help to make up your mind. And in this post will show a perfect framework to design it.

You want your users to start with a good user experience of your app?
Big changes within your next version and you want to highlight some key features of your application?
Special features added and you want to help your users explaining some of them on a visual way?

If you answered yes, slides with a cool animations is a good way to go.
Because the first impression matter: start with an user-friendly experience! Add an intro help guide into your app with some cool gesture animation slides where you can highlight your key features.

JazzHands Design cool animations Framework

For iOS, there is a specially relevant framework to do your scrolling app intros, JazzHands.

Jazz Hands is a simple keyframe-based animation framework for UIKit. Animations can be controlled via gestures, scroll views, KVO, or ReactiveCocoa.

This framework will allow you to create scrolling animations, making it easier to set up complex animations. You can animate views, play with resize, alpha, move, hide and show views.

These slides also fit when you need to explain some new features, or include it previously to prompt user for some type of permission that your app need. Doing this it will be easier to have a positive response and thorough understanding of its functionality.

Include JazzHands in your project is really easy. You can download it directly from their github repository and add it to your project, or just add it as a pod file with the next line

pod "JazzHands"

In their repository you can find details of how to implement different types of animations.

Demo App

The next video is an example made during one of our team week with this cool library for the intro of ownCloud app. In next post we will introduce the idea of these innovations weeks.

JazzHands also in Swift and Android

JazzHands is the version for  Objective-C. Are you using Swift or Android? Now it is also available! Take a look to the specific framework for these languages, RazzleDazzle and SparkleMotion.

Open Source

And all of this Open Source!!

You like the wide possibilities that this framework offers? Do you know others that allow implement cool animations? Let us know!

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