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tipos APIs

Types of APIs

API (application programming interface) is a piece of software that communicates a client with the services and the data of another, i. e., the APIs … >

SonarQube – First Steps

Overview This is the 7th year I have been working as a QA Engineer in Solid Gear, and fortunately, I keep on working on the … >

QUIC: what hides behind HTTP/3

HTTP/3 is the third official version of the popular hypertext transfer protocol used to exchange binary information on the World Wide Web. The most notable … >

Hummingbirds flutter the best

Flutter: first contact

Flutter is everywhere. Last December, version 1.0 was published, declaring it ready for production. The announcement was accompanied by a colorful inventory of organizations that … >

Angular for beginners

In Solid Gear, we like to learn and to be at the cutting edge of technology.  Therefore, the company offers us the opportunity to spend … >