Benefits of having your own business Collaborative Newsletter

What is a Newsletter?

Newsletters are publications that are shared periodically to a target audience that usually have already made a subscription process to receive those news.

They can be shared in multiple ways and for different purposes. Most common ways to share a Newsletter is through email, some webs or mobile apps or using the rss protocol.

Here will explain you the benefits of having your own Newsletter. And more important, the advantages of making it a Collaborative Newsletter.

Why do I need my own Newsletter?


Although business Newsletters have become a common practise, most people don’t know how can they contribute or turn into an essential trait of their company. Nevertheless, adding this resource to your company’s capabilities has a lot of direct benefits:

  • Common awareness: Make everyone in your environment to be on the same page that you. Making them know the products you are offering, the current status of your area, latest researches..
  • Proximity to your customers: Regular communication with your customers is the best way to build those trust ties that will help you to improve and settle your sales process.
  • Position yourself: Boost your brand and position company in your sector by making you visible for a wide spectrum of customers.
  • Expose your strengths: Let people know what are the important values that you own as a company, which strategies decisions are you going to adapt to be better than your other competitors
  • Improve your internal & external communication process: Related with the first point, constant communication is important also for your employees, partners, etc. to help you to fulfil common goals in an unblemished way.

Actually, we cannot turn a deaf ear to this advantages and have created our own Newsletter about technology, apps and computers. You can subscribe to it from the link here:

Key point: Do it Collaborative

Reached this point you are probably questioning why this concept is so important. Most of the current companies do not have enough resources to have dedicated people to make this Newsletter a reality.

Should it be an impediment for you to renounce to all the benefits we have discussed before? The short answer is: NO


You have to find a way to involve all the people in your company in this process. A few efforts of each one would converge to achieve the goals you’re aiming to. However, you need the proper tools to help you during this trip.

Most common errors


Be careful with making some of the most common errors while bringing your newsletter to life:

  • Keep the periodicity: Sending the newsletter too often or not too often is the main mistake. Or even worst, forgetting to send it at all. Customers will lose all the trust in you that you struggled so much to achieve.
  • Broken links: Worst scenario possible is having a link that points to nowhere. How have it ended there? Probably you don’t follow a proper process to generate your newsletter.
  • Too much text and too few images: Let’s be clear about that. Info is important, but design is crucial. Too much text without images and your readers will feel tired and stop reading your newsletter, probably forever.
  • Design not adapted for mobile devices: Many people are aware about how much important is to create the best design for you newsletter, but most of them forget that it won’t be consumed just from laptop but a wide variety of mobile devices. And you will lose a lot of subscriptors if they cannot even read your newsletter properly.

Suggested solution

In our way to have our own newsletter, we have faced all the problems that we have mentioned before. In order to overcome them and make our way easier we have developed an internal application that have help us a lot to succeed in the production of our Collaborative Newsletter.

And now, we have shared this tool with you, totally free and open source so you can try it and make your Collaborative Newsletter a reality in a extremely ease and powerful way:

Have you ever faced the problem of creating your own business Newsletter? Have you followed a Collaborative approach? Let us know how did your previous experiences go

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