We have to be prepared, every day, for the multiple challenges!


He received a degree in Law and is a legal advisor for several national and international companies in the real estate business. He is also a real estate, bank, and fund investment consultant in Portugal since 2004.


JPS GROUP founder and CEO, as a national sponsor that detains a business group made by several real estate companies – two of them being the construction company Amazing Falcon and the Real Estate by JPS GROUP.


In this present context – highly volatile, disruptive, complex, uncertain, and ambiguous – we thank you for being available to share thoughts about the current and future trends, challenges, and opportunities.

What are the main challenges inherent to your current responsibilities?


JPS GROUP has the mission to select better businesses and develop projects from the business plan to the construction and selling.


We bet on the new construction, for the medium/upper-class families, always aiming to use new concepts in construction. One of the responsibilities is to stimulate the market.

We are a company that has a set of integrated services. From real estate promotion and development to the project area, sale, and after-sale. We do not limit ourselves to the promotion.


We think and create, develop, and sell. And all of this with our own architecture, engineering, marketing, construction, and commercial teams. Which means: we are different.

Furthermore, we are not close-minded, we open ourselves to new and diverse proposals regarding project development.

We have a team with vast experience that works daily to attain high levels of excellence.

Our integrated concept allows us to achieve competitive prices to our target audience, always with high quality in mind.


In your industry, what trends would you highlight?


Today’s needs won’t be the same as in two, three, or five years. And now, the trends are changing. All the more for the unique period, we are living in.


The pandemic altered habits and made a lot of people realize what they truly value in a home.

For example, the search for houses (instead of flats) increased during this period. People started to value big spaces, with terraces, balconies, or better yet, gardens.

They realized that it is essential to have a space dedicated to work at home.

Thus, we are always changing and we have to be prepared every day for the multiple challenges that come our way

What is the distinctive factor in the relationship between companies and your clients?

In my opinion, it is the proximity and fluid communication.

We do not only want to gain new clients but also to retain the ones we already have because this is one of today’s biggest challenges due to the vast market offers.


And we can differentiate through that proximity with our clients, aside from our quality standards and accessible prices.


Having in account the current setting, what is the relationship of your company with data and critical information produced to support your business?


Nowadays, Business Analytics Intelligence systems are key tools to understand our clients’ needs evolution.

To identify our customers helps us to make decisions related to new products, create assertive strategies, and understand the market evolution.

It is also crucial to identify our clients’ satisfaction levels and to keep improving our strategy.


It is equally important for us to know our persona and target audience for the construction of our marketing campaigns. We invest greatly in our social media, and all the collected data is vital for an efficient segmentation to manage the biggest possible lead amount.


What are the consequences and impacts that those trends will have on people and companies?


These trends help gather data that is very useful for managing a company.

To be able to efficiently use these trends brings benefits to the firms because this technological evolution creates a bigger capacity for structuring strategies to gain sustainable competitive advantages.


And in an increasingly competitive market, if companies do not aggregate data that helps them evolve and grow, they risk wasting resources and leading inefficient management.

These trends are good not only for companies but also for people. Nowadays we are constantly bothered by all kinds of information and most of it doesn’t even interest us. If people receive segmented information, tailored to their interests, the probability to retain that information is bigger.


In your opinion, innovation is…


To always be one step ahead of our clients’ needs. To have the ability to set trends and keep up with technology adapting it to our market.

We always aim to be different and that is how we innovate.


…In 2030 how will companies be?


…Split between people and technology. The technological evolution will demand more of us each day, and that will take a bigger effort in training and expertise.

New abilities and skills will be expected of us and companies will have to align with this new reality – only those who can do this will resist.


Workspaces will also be different and a lot of them might become virtual.


Remote work has been demonstrated to be essential to reduce our ecological footprint, reducing traffic and softening the highest transit hours, and consequent pollution in cities.

The search for coworking spaces might also increase, to those who prefer to work away from home.

The possibilities are countless.