Leaders aren’t born leaders.

Leaders are made by work and experience essentially.

I have chosen 5 characteristics that I find mandatory for every leader to have and train.


Leaders work very hard.


Success only comes before Work in one place: the Dictionary. The Leader has to be dedicated, ambitious and capable of working very hard giving the best example to his team.


The Leader is Modest.


He never has to say to his team that he is the CEO/Director/Manager. The team knows it and respects him not for his title, they follow him because of the way he manages the team.


The Leader is a Self-Motivator.


Self-Motivation is fundamental for every leader because most of the time his team needs him at his best and there is no one above him to tell him how great he his and motivate him.


The Leader is Optimistic.


The Leader always gets solutions instead of more problems even if the solution is asking for help. Thinking positively is essential to motivate the team.


The Leader is Always Learning.


Evolution is very important for a leader, the Leader knows very well his weaknesses and threats and he is always looking how to transform them into strengths and opportunities.