Miguel Pina Martins is founder and CEO of Science4You. Graduated in Finance at ISCTE, with a Masters in Management from the same institution.


After a brief visit to investment banking, he officially founded Science4you S.A. – a Portuguese company of scientific and educational toys in 2008, which is now the first in Portugal, the third largest in its sector Iberian and with a presence in 35 countries.


Publicly recognized for his commitment and professionalism, he has been honored several times with several awards, including the Business International Award in 2013 by the British Government and the Business Merit Medal by the Loures City Council in 2014. In 2015 he was decorated by the Presidency of the Republic with the Order of Business Merit.


We thank you for the opportunity and the challenge of putting current issues in the especially volatile world in which we live, we suggest that we begin our conversation with your current challenges.


What are the main challenges of your current responsibility?


It is above all to make sure that Science4You’s medium- and long-term strategy is being implemented in the right way.


In your industry, what big current trends would you highlight?


I highlight the category STEM * – the acronym in English for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


Science4You toys fall into this booming category. Aligned with the trend towards parents’ growing concern for children to learn while playing.


The relationship between business and customers continues to be a critical business challenge, from people to people and organizations to individuals.


In general, what is the distinctive factor that highlights the relationship of companies with their clients?


Brand positioning in the minds of customers is crucial. Science4You is seen as a company that produces scientific toys, which helps science reach every household.


This is the strongest point that we work in our day to day, in order to create loyalty for our products.



We certainly recognize the current challenges faced by companies in the areas of Business Analytics (BA) and Business Intelligence (BI), which is also the core business of REBIS in the market and one of the main concerns of CEOs worldwide.


In the context of BA and BI, what is the relationship of your company with the data and the critical information for the business?


Data management, is one of Science4You’s most important tools. We work very carefully in order to get the most out of it, whether customer data or KPIs.


What implications will such trends have on business and people?


We are in the era of Data Driven Marketing.


Increasingly, people will have tailor-made, self-directed products with a higher level of acceptance as companies increasingly get to know and care about their customers.



“We work the data very carefully, whether it’s customer data or KPI, so we get the most out of it.”


To you, innovation is…


Create something new or modify an idea in order to achieve a better character of its form.


And, in the future…

In 2030, how will companies be?


In 11 years, data will make even more of the core of operations and business areas of businesses and companies will be technologically smarter.