How Do You Deal With the Unforeseen?

My first great lesson on contingencies was to realize that at many points in my life I was trying to control everything so that there were no unforeseen events.

The latest news on the unemployment rate data in Portugal led me to rethink the evolution of the area of ​​recruitment and selection.

I tried to predict all possible scenarios, ran the A to Z hypotheses, thought about what I was going to say, thought about what I was going to think, coordinated schedules, created lists, rehearsed speeches, did not delegate tasks, lived in constant distress to make everything go as I I hoped it would happen …



.. I realized that I was losing my spontaneity, that there were many more chances than A to Z, that I was frustrated if the plan was diverted an inch. When I became aware of why I needed control, it was easier to start creating a new pattern of behavior.


Still, it was only when life showed me that we controlled absolutely nothing, that the meticulous reaction that is not predictable, that I began to think it was time to stop wanting to control whatever it was.


Changing behaviors and beliefs is a long and difficult process, so when I decided to change I began to develop these “skills”:


Trust: I have learned to trust in the process, that everything happens when and how it should, even if I do not understand


Preparation: I always prepare, every day, whether to learn, to study, to work,  or to exchange ideas. Take advantage of any time to acquire more knowledge.


Attention: I am attentive to what I feel, what I hear, what I say, the environment, the people around me – a calm attention, not wanting to control, just to be aware.


Choose: I make decisions based on what I feel is best for me, even if I do not know the final result


Be flexible: I work the flexibility of my body, so that my mind is also flexible and can find solutions quickly.


Memory: I turn to memories of other situations where I succeeded in unpredictable situations.


And how do you deal with the unforeseen?