Develop a Customer Service Culture with Quality!

Throughout my professional career, I was able to understand how critical to the success of an organization is our technical and relational competence in customer service.


The way we ensure the provision of a quality service and reference in our relationship with customers is an added value for any activity and in various technical and sectoral fields.


This requires critical skills that can and should be worked out in transformation programs – both individually and collectively – but always in the scenario of technical development oriented towards practice.


It should be noted that consumers (and/or customers) – in general, from a broad perspective – today are increasingly informed and attentive to the reality that surrounds them, often being better prepared than potential employees who meet them or clarify somehow in some type of service rendered.


We are, therefore, in a very different setting from others in the past, where technical (and often even relationally small) competence was more than sufficient to overcome objections or to respond to specific customer needs.


Not infrequently, employees who are less prepared and warned in their capacity as providers of a service – whatever it may be – are confronted by highly knowledgeable clients and – in this way, in various circumstances – can be challenged.


Changing behaviors and attitudes is a long and challenging journey that must be pursued together. However, in the areas of customer service – with quality – adequate preparation, extensive knowledge, continuous technical and relational training and flexibility to better understand the volatile dimension of the environment in which we work are essential elements.