Constant Feedback and Dialogue as Instruments of Leadership


The multidisciplinary work is a reference when we work on projects with different purposes in the most diverse sectors of activity.


In the particular context in which we lead international projects; as we have done recently in Zurich, Luxembourg or Madrid, we feel these challenges with greater intensity, which forces us to redouble our efforts so that the desired objectives can be achieved naturally.


This is, in fact, the great challenge of leadership. Getting teams to become teams – teams in high-performance results, high performance in environments worth working for, positive organizational cultures on economic outcomes, in the end, medium- to long-term sustainable organizations goals.


In industry or service delivery, the contextual environment in which economic and financial results have to be achieved, often in real time with a particular digital focus, is particularly demanding, with a volatile and unexpected incidence in permanent readjustment and redefinition of the rules of the game.


Constant feedback and open-ended dialogue with team members, our people and the people of our clients (partners), provide a critical basis for developing leadership skills – so leaders must learn, grow and work such skills.


As leaders, we do not always remember this work. From the work of keeping the learning pace of our competencies high on a day-to-day basis to the complex projects that we have to take on, with such a large – sometimes seemingly endless – range of variables to manage.


Leading will not be for everyone. And it takes work – much more than you can think of – and a continuous awakening.