Change Your Daily Routine And Stop Doing…

Sometimes, as professionals, we do terrible things in our daily routines. Things that create problems, issues or challenges that do not support or help our own personal productivity.

Finding excuses not to take action

Sometimes we just ignore and postpone tasks that we know are important and try to find distractions and excuses when we know that there are none! More Doing, More Results

Focusing on things that are not a priority for you

We spend most of our time embedded in subjects that are not our true priority. If we take them out of our day, we’ll be much more productive. When you are doing something that is not your priority during the day, take a note. You’ll see that by the end of the day you did a lot of non-priority things. More Focus on Priorities, More Results.

Saying “yes” too many times

Saying yes to everything is probably one of the things that makes you lose focus on your priorities. Learn to say “no” to that conference call or to that thing that your colleague asked you to do so that you have time for what really matters. More No’s & More YES’s.

Checking your phone during meetings
Meetings should be short, effective and focused. Checking your phone for emails and other kinds of distractions that are not on the meeting agenda are not helping you be successful. Less multitasking, More getting the job done.

Spending too much time with toxic people
Toxic people are very negative, they complain about everything and, most of the time, they don’t find solutions. They just take your time and your energy. If you can, minimise the time you spend with these toxic people or they will absorb all of your good mood, energy and motivation. Less Toxic, More Business Healthy.