During my work, I always address the issue of fear of change caused by our ancestral fear of the unknown.

Since we don’t control everything at all times, we fear not only death but also life. The unexpected is a constant for everyone.

Many people live in auto-pilot mode, as if everyday is the same, so that they don’t have to deal with the uncertainty of what will come.

A great worker knows that knowledge is limited, thus is always seeking to improve.

As Dalai Lama mentioned, some people live as though they will never die and then die without ever having truly lived.

This happens mainly because we tend to forget the human finiteness and live without being present.

Whenever someone dies unexpectedly, people get scared and remember it for a moment. We often cry not only for the others’ death, but also for the fear that comes with the realization that it will happen to us too.

When we stop avoiding the inevitably of death, we can conduct our life in a way that allows us to enjoy it more and seize each day.


I always say: “I am alive now. I can walk, breathe, think and even choose new ways to reach goals”.


Anything can happen now and by living in the moment, you can appreciate everything, for example being able to read this text now!  You may even not reach the end of it, since anything can happen… not just death, but other occurrences like receiving a phone call from a good friend that just arrived to your city and wants to see you.

Being conscious of our lack of control over our life will bring us a better life quality.

Our teachers didn’t instruct us on how to deal with changes and our fears towards the unknown, but that should be taught in schools.

I propose that we turn off our auto-pilot, try to enjoy life to the fullest and better direct our goals and paths!

As many say but few practice – “Life is NOW!”. Enjoy each moment as you search for your life purpose.