Are you easily influenced? The new digital influencers.


According to Influencyme, the digital influencer is a person that has an above average impact on a group of people – small, big or even a niche.

He or she is capable of gathering a loyal audience, influencing their opinions and actions. Their followers’ decision making is somewhat guided by them.

Digital Influencers (DI) are also called creators, referring to their capabilities of relevant content production.

In one of the last Marketeer magazine editions, a study by Klear is mentioned, concluding that Influencer Marketing has grown 39% on Instagram since the last year.

Influencer Marketing came to stay and it’s increasingly important for companies to learn how to deal with DIs.


Here are some national and international marketing firms responsible for DIs:



Has about 100.000 registered digital influencers.



Klear is a Big Data Influencer Marketing software platform. It helps brands create, size and quantify influencing programs. Having the most extensive data base, with more than 1 billion influencers, it allows the search for DIs by any category and place in the world.



It is one of the social media and marketing market leaders. SocialBankers tracks more than 8 million social profiles in all the main social network platforms: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ e



It’s an easy to use Brazilian platform with a simple interface. When we input our data, it produces a content analysis.



Primetag is a Portuguese platform that provides access to a guide – Social Influence Report Portugal.



Small company located in Vila Nova de Gaia – Portugal – lead by Mafalda Carvalho.



Based in Coimbra, Icones manages artists, coordinates and produces events. Kura and Angie Costa are two of the DIs represented by this firm.



Marketing platform based in Madrid. It works with brands and a community of more than 25.000 content creators and DIs from all over the world.



Sway is a small Portuguese firm based in Lisbon that provides a Media Kit and a mobile app to their DIs.



The first portuguese agency dedicated entirely to Influence Marketing. It has more than 700 clients.



Audience leader, with Carolina Patrocínio as one of their  most famous clients and Caras magazine as one of their partners.



It has an Influencer Academy in Lisbon, with masterclasses focused on “Creating, managing and monetize a YouTube channel”.



Communication agency with several services, including Influencer Marketing.



Firm focused on commercial agencying and DI consulting among other services.



Represents some of the biggest Portuguese and Angolan influencers.


Welove social

Lisbon based firm that dedicates exclusively to DI.