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It’s not enough to simply automate where an admin once clicked through by hand. Continuous delivery and deployment interconnect disparate tools used to provision and manage production systems
Okode has continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI CD) in place, through which developers create and validate code with quick testing feedback and version control.

Continuous delivery is enabled through the deployment pipeline. The purpose of the deployment pipeline has three components: visibility, feedback, and continually deploy.

Visibility: All aspects of the delivery system including building, deploying, testing, and releasing are visible to every member of the team to promote collaboration.
Feedback: Team members learn of problems as soon as possible when they occur so that they are able to fix them as quickly as possible.
Continually deploy: Through a fully automated process, you can deploy and release any version of the software to any environment.

The objective is clear: increase the reaction capacity through the use of Continuous Integration (CI), the automation of unit testing and integration testing, the constant supervision of the workflow and the evaluation of the results.

Continuous Integration and Delivery

If the tests are executed continuously they ensure a guarantee of quality and it is possible to publish the software at any time into production. Continuous Delivery represents a philosophy and a commitment to ensure that the code is always ready to publish.

Time to Market: The reduction of construction times allows to reach the market in much less time and therefore increase the value perceived by the final users of the Apps published for our customers.

Proofs of Concept :The creation of proofs of concept or specific versions to validate a specific technology supposes a much lower cost for our customers if an CI environment is used to carry out the construction of Test Apps.

More Apps :More applications, more functionalities, more screens … More and more it is necessary to manage more amount of Apps publications and doing it manually is not an option.

Continuous Testing :If it is possible to build automatically, why automatically validate the developed functionality? Simply write unit tests and e2e tests so that the CI environment validates them in each change introduced by the developers.

Updates :The average update time of Apps is too high. Increasingly it is necessary to be able to introduce small changes (aesthetic or functional) and bring them to the market quickly and continuously.

Hot fixes :We do not want to be the best at not having failures in our applications (that too), we want to be the fastest to correct them when they are detected.

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