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Experts claim the need to advance in projects that incorporate new technological tools and devices into the insurance industry’s strategy.
Personalized medical healthcare goes beyond the walls of the hospital. Okode helps Savia to improve the quality of healthcare by maximizing the speed, agility and efficiency of applications and technology infrastructure.

With Okode, Savia prioritizes the patient experience, accelerates digital transformation, leverages data, and strategically evolves business models to remain relevant for the next decade in the face of growing competition and changing patient expectations.

App and PWA multichannel solution

We had the challenge of ensuring that multiple functionalities were implemented in a sustainable way in different channels such as App (iOS / Android) and PWA while defining the initial MVP and validating the integrations of third-party technological solutions such as medical chat, immediate video consultation with specialists, nutrition programs, symptom evaluators and more.

Ionic, Angular and custom web components

We used Ionic and custom Angular components as the mobile UI toolkit for building high quality, cross-platform native and web app experiences for Savia, with a single code base, running everywhere with JavaScript and the Web.
For accessing native device features with just a little bit of JavaScript we choose from a rich library of over 120 native device plugins for accessing Camera, Geolocation, Bluetooth, and more, based on Capacitor and some custom Cordova plugins which gave us the opportunity to build without limits any need we imagine.

The digital revolution is changing all aspects of our lifestyle, due to the advance of the digital environment and a growing demand from consumers with new technological tools.
This transformation has created an unstoppable advance in the health ecosystem and in all aspects of our health, which is presented as a new challenge of the digital age.

Real-time medical care

Savia is a digital platform that allows you to access issues related to your health, providing treatments, tests and services in all medical specialties. Savia selects the best professionals in Spain, chosen from the most prestigious centers of reference, to offer the care for health deserves. Savia is in charge of closing agreements with medical specialists and private clinics in order to provide you with the best quality services at preferential prices. We offer you and you choose what you need. It does not matter neither the age of customers, nor their state of health, nor their medical history, with Savia they will have access to any service offered.

Through our on-line platform by just clicking, customers select their city and choose the service or treatment they want, with the security of knowing that they are benefiting from the best price guaranteed thanks to the offers Savia have obtained for tehm. To make a reservation is enough to pay a minimum signal and forget about the waiting lists. A professional will evaluate and study the case in a personalized way. Only if needed the treatment and go ahead with it, it’s required to pay the remaining amount.

Savia is a multi-device web platform for online health management that connects patients with healthcare



Savia is a multi-device web platform for online health management, which allows patients to be connected with health personnel, providing innovation to the health sector in Spain.
The project has been developed together with other teams. At Okode we have taken care of the entire private management dashboard for authorized clients. Among the functionalities developed, the integration of the catwalks of payment, user profile with medical history, history of services and payments made, family members and personalized health recommendations.

Also, notices and notifications of health, integration of web services, development of multidevice and responsive front based on Ionic and Angular 7, deployed in Cloud AWS from continuous integration environment. It also highlights the development of the search engine of doctors, medical centers and specialties and medical treatments using NoSQL databases (Elasticsearch in AWS) through microservices developed with Spring Boot and Docker.


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