Bring technological solutions in different sectors such as insurance, logistic, health or industrial


Digital health is one of our main lines of development. We provide technological support to important companies specialized in the health sector and develop the latest applications and tools required by the medical sector.
Our developments for mobile applications and health websites help increase productivity and optimize business processes. Successfully developing tools such as immediate online video consultation, medical chat, remote symptom checker or online appointment at health centers.


We are highly specialized in the digital transformation of the insurance sector, being pioneers in the development of mobility with our partners. Our software helps transform this industry, eliminating paper and replacing it with applications that optimize procedures, such as claims, online payment of receipts, management …


We develop applications for the port sector to facilitate its digitization.
We implement automated information systems in real time, which cover current management and control needs, with the most advanced technology, which reduces costs to the maritime terminal.



We have a biometric identification system through the use of fingerprint sensors and facial recognition software on IoT platforms based on web services, cloud, such as AWS IoT.
Development that has multiple applications in the industry that allow optimize the costs of identifying people.

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