Port Scale Automation

Scale monitoring and automation for container terminal is a solution deployed in the Noatum Container Terminal. The software developed uses Spring Boot and Docker containers and was created as a set of microservices that connects with different IoT sources as scales, radar, RFID readers and optical sensors for detecting when a new container or truck is entering the Container Terminal in real time. This allows the terminal to carry out actions such as automatically weighing the containers that enters and leaves the terminal or indicating the location to which the trucks should go.

The system uses a Spring state-machine based software where the system checks the weight of the trucks that arrive at the terminal and tells drivers where they have to go to unload their containers using LED displays and remote devices.

Port Scale Automation is a monitoring and weighing system for the Noatum Container Terminal Valencia

The Port Scale Automation project is an example of digital transformation in the Container Terminal of Noatum in which we implemented a powerful IoT software capable of connecting the different measuring machines of the Terminal to detect in real time the entrance of trucks and containers to the port area to perform the automated weighing, transport, container location processes and optimize the process.

The solution implemented has been developed as a set of microservices hosted in a private cloud and is working in Noatum Container Terminal Valencia.

Industry: Portuary
Tags: App / iOS / Mobile

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