Own Device

Cloud platform for remote multimedia content management in public transport where end users can use their own devices as smartphone, tablet or laptop for connecting with BUS onboard WiFi and and enjoy online movies without installing apps or plugins.

At Okode we have developed the Cloud technology of the OwnDevice multimedia solution, implementing a private cloud with microservices with Docker. The components developed with Spring Boot allow the system to evolve in an uncoupled way.

Private Cloud

The multimedia solution allows the dashboard, the loading of movies and series from a simple web administration tool, calculating the contents that must be downloaded in each vehicle of the fleet, including the download of metadata, contents and images associated with the posters multi-language registered in the system.

The system can be managed from the internet for checking the behaviour of the onboard unit, upload contents and program the live channels customers offer to their passengers.

Cloud generates reports of system usage, number of connections, media viewed from the passengers and custom surveys to get the responses back from the end users; this will allow the bus operator to get the feedback from the passenger related not only to the system but any other aspect of the journey.

Industry: Transport
Tags: App / Cloud / Tablet / Android
Own Device

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