Innovative Health Management

From the Okode Software Department we have been responsible for front-end design, development and integration of functionalities. Facilitate the procedures related to MAPFRE Salud insurance from the mobile, implement tools for videoconsultation or include the virtual medical card are some of the improvements with which this new account application.

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App functionalities

The functionalities that complete the application are the following:

Digital health card                                     Medical and centers search engine
Authorization management                       Online appointment
  • Improved access to the application through the credentials of the MAPFRE Internet Customer Area.
  • Digital Health Card for identification in our MAPFRE Salud Medical Centers.
  • Search of Medical, Hospital and Medical Centers.
  • Online appointment in our MAPFRE Salud Medical Centers.
  • Access to analytics in our MAPFRE Salud Medical Centers.
  • Online Management of Sanitary Authorizations.
  • Access to your MAPFRE Salud product: Insured, Contract details, Guarantees, Receipts, Medical Assistance and Health Authorizations.
  • Telephone Attention Information.
  • Security code by PIN or fingerprint reader to protect your data.
  • Access to Canal Salud: Tips and news related to your health

App developed with Ionic Framework

Front-end design, development and integration of functionalities. 

Ionic Framework is one of the most used frameworks for the development of HTML5 Applications thanks to AngularJS, which allows us to obtain a hybrid and fluid development totally similar to a native app, but without using the development tools of each platform.
The result is fluid and scalable mobile applications, which allows us to include more functionalities or even new services, maintaining the consistency and usability. This work environment allows us to use structures and basic elements that web developers use on a day-to-day basis, specifically HTML5, CSS, SASS, Angular JS with a Cordova base.

Mapfre Salud App
Customer: Mapfre
Industry: Insurance
Tags:  Mobile / iOs / Android / Health
Web: Mapfre Salud

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