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The Web is an open platform that allows creating user experiences that adapt to all types of channels. The integration of Chat Widgets into existing tools such as WhatsApp creating interfaces similar to those offered by the Apps and even being based on the same common code when it comes to Hybrid Apps. Is an interesting experience that can be exploited in the future to minimize costs, communication development and multichannel interaction merging Chat, Web and Apps channels in an intelligent way.

We all know the chats. Applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack or Messages that include text media embed images, icons, links or videos among other types of messages. A chat widget is an enriched element of user interface, interactive and that is integrated in a natural way with the rest of the chat conversation is enriched in a much broader way than what you can use text or images in general.

Chat Widgets and a Dashboard with two different objectives

Build and validate a set of Web functional modules that can be used to improve communication  end customers through different channels based on social networks or chats. Our idea has been to create Chat Widgets as rich and interactive elements of the user interface and that would be integrated with the rest of the messages in the chat conversation, making it possible to enrich it better than the simple text or images in general.

Have a tool where the available templates of Chat Widgets are displayed in a visual palette of widgets accompanied by the relevant user information such as personal data, hiring data, latest services used and other useful information. The Chat Widgets are available from a preconfigured list of types of widgets (templates) that when being “dragged and dropped” on the chat are automatically instantiated in the user interface of the final client.

Next Steps

Use the context information to assist in the selection of the most appropriate Chat Widgets templates according to the case in each case, applying automatic techniques where bots can interact with clients and select the Chat Widgets without human intervention.

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Industry: Insurance
Tags: Web / Mobile / App

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