Our passion

We are in an exciting moment in which technology is changing everything at breakneck speed. The digital culture in which we are immersed leads us towards a digital transformation with new functions but also with new responsibilities.

At Okode we select, implement and optimize the best technologies and business solutions to accelerate the process of digital transformation. We believe in the development of a robust technological knowledge, contributing value in the creation of differential designs and supporting our work through the best methods and tools.

Agile Development

Building great software begins by rallying teams behind a defined process that embraces inclusivity and drives productivity.

As programmers, we are faced with constant changes that affect our daily work. The latest trends we apply today, may not be the latest trends of tomorrow. We apply agile development in our projects where the requirements and solutions evolve through the collaboration of self-organized and multidisciplinary groups.

We use the most widely used and widespread agile methodology in the world: Scrum. It arises from rapid prototyping initiatives, under an environment in which the requirements are incomplete at startup and are changing during development.

We make partial and regular deliveries of the final product every Friday, before weekend and prioritized by the benefit they bring to the project applicant. We think this methodology is especially usefull for projects in complex environments, where you need to get results soon, where requirements are changing or poorly defined and where innovation, competitiveness, flexibility and productivity are fundamental.

and Web Development

For years we have been developing Apps and we have always pursued find methodologies and frameworks that allow us to reduce development costs to support each of the platforms. We currently use Ionic Framework in our developments, both with Angular and Stencil.js, and we are very pleased with the performance that can be achieved by combining different mobile Web technologies such as WebRTC, WebGL, Service Workers, Progressive Web Applications or Accelerated Mobile Pages.

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