Build and run Cloud Native applications

Okode uses the leading Cloud development platforms for the construction of microservices and serverless applications so that we can concentrate on what really matters: the business functionality of your application.

Companies of all sizes know that the most important strategic advantage is being able to move fast and bring ideas to the market quickly. Today more than ever it is necessary to go into production in days instead of weeks or months. To achieve this, a change is necessary within the business, making iterative changes that can be deployed in production frequently, and constantly reevaluating the market’s adoption of these changes. For this, risk management is fundamental and we are sure that the Cloud Native approach is the best option for the elimination of risks, the acceleration of change and the early knowledge of the market adoption of your new ideas.


Microservices Architecture

    • Use Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS): Reduces or vertically scale resources quickly to adjust them to demand trough an immediate IT infrastructure that is provisioned and managed through the Internet.
    • Create and deploy Microservices: individual components that are small, decoupled and made using different technologies or programming languages.
    • Automate everything: replacing manual tasks with scripts or code.
    • Containerize: creating independent Docker containers as deployable bundles with their dependencies making them easy to test, move and deploy into each different environment.
    • Orchestrate: abstracting away individual servers in production using off-the-shelf management and orchestration tools.

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