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At Okode we are convinced that the development of mobile applications must be carried out in such a way that it is not necessary to maintain native code for each platform (iOS / Android).

Hybrid Apps make it easier for developers to work, since it is easy to create a single application that runs efficiently on different platforms without practically any additional effort and taking advantage of all the knowledge that Web designers and programmers already have in the Web-based hybrid technology frameworks. In addition, when necessary it is simple to be able to use the platform’s native functionality through the use of Cordova or Capacitor, allowing the technological innovations introduced by the big manufacturers to be used from hybrid Apps as if they were true native Apps. By developing in this way, the development times are greatly optimized, allowing companies and brands to reach the markets of applications in record time.

One of the most important decisions of this whole process is that you need a framework of advanced and high-quality mobile applications to create hybrid applications. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the mobile framework with prudence. Some of the best Frameworks of hybrid mobile applications for their characteristics and user experience are the following:


Open-source, the preferred app development platform for web developers.

React Native

Open-source, Reusable Components. Developed by Facebook developer. Used by Facebook, Instagram, Uber Food etc. easily integrate native feature with Hybrid.


Open-source, create hybrid-native apps using Dart VM for iOS / Android platforms. Flutter code is declarative, favours composition, and uses a single threading model. Its hot-restart and sub-second hot-reload is truly game-changing.

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