DevOps - Why


Solutions that unify development and operations to accelerate business innovation and meet market demands.

Understanding the DevOps Transformation

DevOps is about removing constraints, improving quality and accelerating delivery. Here’s a quick overview that explains how.

DevOps - Why 2

What is DevOps?

Key Benefits

  • Faster release of apps with automation of integrated build, test and deployment process
  • Increase developer and operational efficiency by managing your infrastructure as code
  • Improve customer experience with immediate feedback loops and continuous improvement

Quick DevOps Drives Success

How fast is your app delivery? How can you move faster? Take this Forrester app lifecycle self-assessment and find out! In less than two minutes, you’ll get customized results and recommendations that will help you speed up your app development lifecycle.


Three Pillars for Digital Transformation

Build better business processes that can face continuously evolving customer needs. This IDC Executive Brief outlines how to leverage DevOps practices, rich data analytics strategies, and agile cloud infrastructures to continuously deliver a superior customer experience.

(PDF 13295KB)

Application Delivery Speed Drives Success

Companies need to move faster, but pipeline often gets bogged by a siloed application delivery organization. This Forrester paper shows how DevOps software solutions can help you to quickly develop differentiating customer experiences that win, serve, and retain customers.

(PDF 518KB)

World Quality Report

2016-2017 Trends on Testing and Quality Assurance



Analyst report

Delivering Higher Quality Applications Faster - Benefits and Challenges of a DevOps Transformation


(PDF 1024KB )



Four Keys to Successful DevOps Journey




(PDF 240 KB)

White paper

Agile software development lifecycle approach for modern apps



(PDF 1218KB )

White paper

Getting Grounded with DevOps




(PDF 476 KB)

White paper

Faster Time to Quality




(PDF 193KB )

Trial software

A SaaS solution for mobile, web and cloud based application monitoring




Seagate Ramps Up DevOps Benefits with HP ALM Tools




Focus on the User Experience



(PDF 1.6 MB)

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