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Beigetreten April 2011


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    15. Juni

    Risas en la charla de José Manuel Muñoz de , gran monólogo... Errrr digo charla.

  2. 15. Juni

    "1 sec of delay in your web means a loss of 7% in sales"- José Manuel Muñoz,

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    15. Juni
    Antwort an
  4. 15. Juni

    Mobile Testing: What to keep in mind and traps to avoid

  5. 15. Juni

    Jose Manuel Muñoz, Presales Manager at Globe Testing, is now ready for his presentation about track 4

  6. 15. Juni

    Do you already know our automation tests methodology? the functional team is now explaining the benefits in the exhibition area

  7. 15. Juni

    We are up to date on trends, Eneritz zubizarreta, Services Manager at Globe gave us yesterday her vision during the Great Debate

  8. 15. Juni

    Quality is not negotiable. Our live demonstrations at are applicable to many vertical sectors such as: ecommerrce, logistics, SAP

  9. 15. Juni

    Today's Demo Schedule : 11:15 Functional Testing, 14:15 Automation Testing, 16:15 Performance Testing. Do not forget our draw!

  10. 15. Juni

    At Globe we love things well done, so on 2day of will participate representatives from all departments. Visit the stand S16

  11. 14. Juni

    Do you want to meet the winner of the Alava Emprende 2016 award? is gonna participate at The Great Debate

  12. 14. Juni

    Great expectation in the 3rd demo , thanks to all the attendees

  13. 14. Juni

    Do you have a coffee with us? sponsored by Globe

  14. 14. Juni

    If the user experience is your outstanding issue, we tell you how to retain customers through : Demo 16:15

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    14. Juni

    Momento perfecto para el en el almuerzo de !!

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    14. Juni

    Listos para disfrutar de un magnífico lunch!!! en

  17. 14. Juni

    Lunch time at but our experts do not rest, next demo about at 13:15, boothS16

  18. 14. Juni

    Details of our booth decoration at . Software Testing donde right. Official Gold Partner

  19. 14. Juni

    "Once u have ensure the functionality of your platform", the next step is to know about benefits: Demo 13,15

  20. 14. Juni

    This service assists you with the organization and detection of possible issues caused by programing errors

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