Security testing

Security testing

The security testing at Globe Testing will allow you to get an external vision of the security status of your systems without prior knowledge of them. Globe Testing offers several kinds of technical security audits, in order to ensure that your platform fulfills the legal requirements on security.

Black Box Testing

We do not have any information about your system, we will attack you making use of the same techniques and attack methods that a hacker would use.

White Box Testing

We carry out an in-depth assessment of the system, counting on detailed information from the environment, such as source code, configuration files…

Grey Box Testing

This kind of testing combines both black and white box testing: we have some information about the systems, and we use it in some occasions.

Why security testing?

Media impact

Every year, the number of companies attacked from the internet grows exponentially, and these breach are becoming more and more visible to final users. Do not allow your company to become a number in this statistics due to a security hole. Minimize the media impact and economic losses caused by a security attack.

False sense of security

Not being aware of errors due to flawed configurations does not make them disappear, and the fact that an incident has not happened before is not a guarantee that it will not happen in the future.

Fullfilling norms

To invest in security testing is to invest in your own peace of mind and the integrity of your data and your client’s data. Nowadays, companies have to comply with strict regulations on safety matters, established by governments and regulating bodies. Lack of knowledge of them does not constitute an excuse for not applying them.

Wireless audit

The mission is to verify that it is not possible to to attack the wireless network of the company. On one side, we check whether it is possible to access the network form the outside; on the other side, we verify whether an internal employee can create their own access (for example, via mobile devices), creating a tunnel to bypass the network’s security restrictions.

The experts at Globe Testing think like hackers using their ownmethods and tools in order to ensure the safety of your data

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